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Interior Design with unique approach

The use of rendering services in interior design is a unique approach that offers visualization made easy by providing realistic and detailed representations of interior space.

We offer

At NiceNNiche, we offer 3D visualization by using advanced computer software to create highly realistic 3D models of your space. This allows clients to see how different design elements will look in their space before any actual works begin

Our rendering service offers designers the flexibility to make changes and iterate designs quickly. Clients can request modifications to the layout, furniture or other design elements.

Our service will enable designers/ clients to showcase accurate representation of colors, textures and materials. Clients can see how different finishes will look in their space, helping them make informed decision and avoid costly mistakes.

Our sophisticated computer software can simulate various lighting conditions, including natural and artificial light sources and even different times of the day, allowing clients to see how lighting will affect the overall ambiance of the space.

Advanced rendering techniques offer the creation of virtual walkthroughs or fly-throughs. This immersive experience will allow the client to explore their space from different angles and help them envision themselves in the designed environment.

Once rendered images are finalized, it will serve as a powerful tool of communication between designer, client and contractor. This can help minimize any misinterpretation of technical drawings and help ensure all stake holders are on the same page.

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