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About Me

Hi! This is Mona

My journey as an interior decorator has been an exciting and fulfilling one, driven by my passion for creating beautiful and functional spaces. It all began with my deep appreciation for art, design, and the ability to transform a room into a work of aesthetic. While I didn't start my career as a certified interior decorator, my passion for design and creating beautiful spaces has always been a part of me. It was when I moved to Edmonton. Alberta. Canada, that this truly ignited and led me down the path of becoming a certified interior decorator. The idea to create NiceNNiche sparked when I, as a first-time homeowner and an interior decorator, finally found a plain canvas where I could paint the colors of my own choice but wait!!! What?? My husband wanted his share of the contribution to design and renovate our new house. So here comes the tricky part. He would not visualize my style and I could not his and both were unable to incorporate ideas to make our style. To alleviate some of these concerns, I decided to use my imaginative skills and offer rendering services to my husband for our home renovation project. Through the rendering process, we were able to refine our ideas, test different design possibilities, and make adjustments to ensure that our vision aligned with our budget and personal style. It helped us to visualize the result and make informed choices about materials, colors, and layout. I believe that every space has its own story to tell, and my role is to translate that story into a cohesive and visually pleasing design. So let's start and share our aspirations and experiences through designing our spaces.

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