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            Our process for the designer/ client to request rendering service on our website is straightforward and easy

Step 1

Initial Consultation. Our team is available for a brief online consultation with our clients through our website Contact Us link to schedule an initial consultation. During consultation, we will discuss the scope of the design project, design requirements, budget and timeline.

Step 2

Design Brief: We would request site measurements, surveys (if any) in preferably in CAD format or a 2D Floor plan with elevation drawings and any other designs required to impact the space in rendering phase. We are open to accept any simple sketches or written briefs explaining every required detail of the design. We will appreciate if our client will provide selections of products with possible link or mood board with details of the vendors attached.

Step 3

Preliminary Design Phase: At this stage, we will provide our client a 3D floor plan for approval.

Step 4

3D Rendering: After approval of floor plan, we will start our work on creating 3D model of the space using our modelling and rendering software. We will send perspective views with different lighting options for the client to see if there is any need for modification.

Step 5

Final Rendering: We will send final rendering package that includes images from different perspectives approved before with a high quality 3D animation for the client to take to the next step.

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